You can Buy a Stun gun and they are popular non-lethal self defense products. We have many models to pick from. They are legal in most states and don’t require any training to use one. No permit is required to carry one. Many are small enough to hide or conceal in your purse or pocket. They are inexpensive.

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 Stun Batons, Stun Guns, and TASER’s

Stun guns deliver the greatest in non-lethal protection. Stun Gun Florida has a huge selection of hand held stun guns, TASER guns, and also various other self defense weapons. Stun guns are legal within a large number of states and extremely efficient, so much so, in fact, they’re carried by law enforcement divisions all over the country. Always keep a stun gun within your handbag, your nightstand, or perhaps in your car or truck so that you’re constantly prepared in the event you unintentionally end up within a risky situation.

A stun gun operates simply by hitting the nerve system, delivering high-voltage electrical energy to an attacker’s body. Unlike TASER’s, stun guns must make direct contact with the attacker to function however they’re less regulated and also generally much smaller and much easier to hide. We sell a wide array of stun gun extras such as holsters and extra charge packs,  Available within a number of various colors. There is certainly something for everyone!

Whenever seconds matter, a stun gun can certainly save your life. They have a higher incapacitation rate compared to a 9mm handgun and also they are certainly non-lethal. The right choice for an university student or even single mother! Protect yourself and your family members by having the easy convenience and also affordability of a stun gun directly from just one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers.

At Stun Gun Florida we believe that every American has the right to defend themselves, their family and homes with non-lethal force first and lethal force only if necessary. We also believe that this philosophy of only using lethal force when absolutely necessary leads to safer, yet effective solutions for you and your family during emergency situations.

We support this belief by only developing law enforcement grade self defense products,