With this Runt Stun Gun you can protect yourself from any attacker.Stun guns are a non-lethal self defense product, they produce a high voltage to disable an attacker. The purpose of stun guns is to quickly stop aggressive activity and give you an opportunity to escape.

THE RUNT  20,000,000 volt  Stun Gun now has a LED flashlight and wrist strap disable pin. It’s easily concealable, and virtually undetectable in the hand of a woman or a man. What your attacker doesn’t see will drop him like a roach who has ingested a little too much Black Flag.

Its small size makes it easy to carry almost anywhere. You can put it in your pocket or in a purse. They are legal in most U.S. states and does not require a permit to carry one. Also no training is required to use it. The shock will penetrate most clothing and will disable your attacker giving you enough time to get away or call for help.

The Runt uses a new cutting edge micro-technology to deliver super powered protection. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. If you would like to wear it like a cell phone there is a heavy duty nylon belt loop holster included.

Available in 6 colors


Runt Stun Gun $16.00

Market price $21.95

Our price $16.00

Color :



  • Powerful
  • Compact
  • Effective

You will feel powerful armed with this tool of option. These Runt sized stun guns load such enormous electrical force that your attacker will certainly be reeling in shock when you give them the shock of their life.
Highly Focused Electricity – The Runt Stun Gun is Anything but Little!

This stun gun is rechargeable. You can carry the Runt in your hand or pocket. If you want to use it like a pager it includes a free sturdy nylon belt loophole holster. Three high powered lithium batteries additionally consisted of totally free.

  • Great for Women
  • Fits In Bag or Purse
  • Beltloop on Holster

This runt mini stun gun is ideal for ladies of all ages, and certainly for guys too (simple to hide). Order the Runt today for basically unnoticeable security. Highly advised!

Must be 18 or older to order and no orders outside of the USA. You should check to see if stun guns are legal where you live before buying. Please check the stun gun laws first.

  • Specifications:
    • 4.5 milliamps
    • 20,000,000 volts
    • Rechargeable


    • Nylon Belt Loop Holster
    • Rubberized Coating
    • Disable Pin Wrist Strap
    • Built-in LED Flashlight

    Available in 6 colors Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Red and Purple.

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