One of the first questions people wonder about is if it is even legal to have a stun gun in Florida. Are Stun Guns Legal In Florida? And the answer is: YES.

Anyone of the age of 18 or older can own a stun gun, however if you are a convicted felon or have been convicted of any crime involving assault, then you would be prohibited from having a stun gun in Florida.

What can a Stun Gun in Florida?

A stun gun can stop any attacker and disable them and this gives you time to get away or to call for help. You can only use a stun gun for self defense. Most of the time if you just show your attacker the discharge of voltage it will scare them away. They have the same stopping power as a 9mm hand gun.

Stun Guns work by using high voltage and not high amperage. Using high amperage can kill anyone. The stun guns use a small battery and amplify the voltage. This action will disrupt the attackers muscles and stop them from attacking. Just the sting of the high voltage will be enough to stop them.

There are two types of stun guns, first is the regular stun gun and the TASER. The difference is that the TASER will shoot out two small wires and the stun gun requires direct contact in order to work.

To sum up, it is legal to have a stun gun in Florida and you do not have to have any type of permit or licenses to use it. Taking a class would show you the most effective way to use it.


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