With lifetime warrantythis Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun you can protect yourself from any attacker.Stun guns are a non-lethal self defense product, they produce a high voltage to disable an attacker. The purpose of stun guns is to quickly stop aggressive activity and give you an opportunity to escape. Must be 18 or older to order and no orders outside of the USA. You should check to see if stun guns are legal where you live before buying. Please check the stun gun laws first.


  • It is made of high quality aircraft aluminum so it can also be used as a baton to whack an attacker.
  • It looks like an ordinary flashlight so your attacker wont know its a stun gun.
  • It has 18,000,000 volts of stopping power to take down any attacker.
  • it has a built in USB charger to charge iPods, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 5, and a mini USB to charge most other smart phones.
  • It measures 9 ¼”  x 1 ½” so you can carry it with you anywhere.
  • It has a lifetime warranty so if it ever breaks down you can just send it back for a replacement.
  • Stun Master is well known for quality products.


Stun Master mobile charger flashlight stun gun $32.95

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Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun
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